Sunday, June 09, 2019

James Naismith, Father of Basketball

Naismith was a Physical Educator who invented Basketball.  His students who thrived on rigorous outdoor sports were too rowdy when confined indoors during the winter.  So he designed Basketball to minimize body contact.  The goal was placed high over the players heads to make it unguardable.  There is an interesting description of the games inception here  The origin of Basketball

I watched the recent Raptors-Warriors game 3 battle.  It was a feisty, exciting game with plenty of body contact. The local pub had a noisy crowd standing room only.  Eager fans are already gathering at Jurassic Park for tomorrow night's battle.

Naismith earned many awards in Sports Halls of Fame. He was born and raised in Almonte,  Ontario. So another Canadian game, eh.

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Great Undoing

Liberal governments implement policies that help financially-challenged people. But they make mistakes and are perceived as wasteful with the public dollar.  Conservatives believe that saving money and paying off the deficit is more important than public service.  They tend to be petty and mean-spirited, in my view.

Now the great province of Ontario has a Progressive Conservative government who do nothing for progress.  Doug Ford is the leader who has bumper-sticker talking points in lieu of well-considered policies. He was bested by John Tory in the election for mayor of Toronto. Now Ford is Premier so he can take revenge on Toronto.

Ford was loudly booed at a recent Special Olympics event.  He is changing Ontario License Plates from "yours to discover" to "a place to grow".  However, funding is being cut in many places.. education, autism support, day care, libraries, health care, tree planting, and so on.  These are some of the many services needed for families to thrive.  Doug Fords Ontario is only for the rich to grow.

Well, grumpy cat has died.  There was too much to be grumpy about.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Fire HD 8 -- Economy Tablet Upgraded For Google

Well, my old Nexus 7, which was made by Asus for Google, finally died after six years. I used it everyday to read the Google News app.

Alternative Android tablets cost hundreds of dollars but the Amazon Fire HD is only $100CDN so I got that.  It has a great display for reading the news and the performance to handle the stream of included images. However, Amazon has modified Android and called it Fire OS.  It has the Silk browser instead of Chrome.

Fortunately, there is a procedure to upgrade Fire OS so that it can run or play all the Google apps. Upgrade Fire HD Tablet

The procedure installs four APK files.  The files have long names and it is important to install them in the same order as the download.

Finally, you will have a good tablet without paying hundreds of dollars.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Struck By Car -- But I Am Ok

It is normal practice at an intersection for a car with a green light for turning left to wait for pedestrians who have a walk light at the same time.  But yesterday I was struck by a car on a Yonge street crosswalk I had crossed ten thousand times before.  The car was turning left and I was astonished to see it was not going to stop. There was no time to avoid it so I must have jumped at the last instant to avoid broken legs. So my shoulder and hips absorbed most of the impact with me atop the car instead of under it.  When the car stopped, I rolled off the car, fell to the pavement and scraped my left knee.  Fortunately, this was a compact car with relatively low front end.  A big SUV or truck would have flattened me instead.

I was fuming and ready to attack something but the driver looked like he was going to have a breakdown.   He jumped out of the car "are your ok ... are you ok".  So I got his phone number, made sure it worked, and walked away.  Meanwhile, there were many witnesses and someone called 911.  The police were looking for me but I was bundled for a cold winter's day and wearing sunglasses.

I called the police from home and a policeman came to interview me.  He asked me to fill out a report by email.  I was struck from the left side, my left leg is undamaged but my right leg has some swelling below the knee. It does not bother me when walking but I will get the doctor to check for lingering issues.

Advise For Pedestrians -- Put away your phones. Practice defensive walking.  Assume every driver is an idiot.  This seems harsh but there are some idiots hiding in the herd of drivers on busy city streets.

Advise For Drivers --  Put away your devices. Assume every pedestrian is an idiot. This seems harsh but you must have seen some zombies ambling across the street with hoods over their faces, eyes down, and hands clasped as if praying.  Drive where you are looking if the right of way is clear. So don't turn right at an intersection while looking left.  Never stop on a crosswalk.

January 27

The right leg which the doctor noted had superficial abrasion eventually developed a skin infection.  Now I am on Cephalexin 4 X 500mg per day.  The infection is diminishing.

February 06

A pedestrian hit by a car usually ends up in the hospital and/or dead.  But a Utube stuntwoman suggests how to avoid this fate. Unrealistic Staged Hit By Car

Yes, one can minimize the damage by rolling with the hit to distribute the force. The stunt people in the movies do that with careful planing and setup to choreograph exactly how the event will unfold.  Then the film editors merge it into the movie so that it looks normal in realtime.

However, the street has all sizes of vehicles moving at speed. Some of them controlled by careless drivers.  There is no time to train, practice, and prepare like the movie stunt people.  The best advice in the Utube clip is to get evaluated by a medical expert.

Finally, notice the old Honda Civic used in the demo. It has a low front end like the one that hit me.  However, most of the vehicles on the street are trucks and SUVs (light trucks) which ride high on big wheels. Pray you don't get hit by one of them.