Sunday, December 23, 2018

Protect Your Cookies

The Internet is always stealing your cookies.  That is, it is reading all the cookies automatically collected so that it can post ads which might be relevant.   This annoyance can be minimised by changing your Web Browser settings.  The images here are from Google Chrome.

So turn on "Block third-party cookies"

Monday, December 17, 2018

Minimalist Living

Google reports 956 million candidates for minimalist living so it is an important topic for many people as the new year approaches.  There are Utube videos, books, blogs, and so on.

The site Money Under 30 gives a good outline of the pros and cons.  It suggests to focus more on value or quality and less on quantity.  If you have more stuff you have to spend more time managing it.  Mess causes stress.  Marie Kondo suggests to discard things that do not Spark Joy.

Ironically, minimalism is not a good principle for the financially challenged.  For example, buying food and supplies in bulk to fit a budget is not minimalism.   But it has a sympathetic perspective.

I recently discarded a stuffed chair because it was a useless obstacle in my 630 square foot condo apartment.  I replaced it with a tilt-back office chair on wheels which is more comfortable and practical.  I was eyeing the matching sofa but Brownie The Cat has claimed it for 20 hours per day of sleeping.  She does not like the room being changed.

Then there are various online accounts, forums and such.  Today I closed my LinkedIn account because it was a bother to scroll through the feed looking for something interesting.  Twitter will be next to go.

If I bring something home I must throw something out to make room.