Friday, May 17, 2019

The Great Undoing

Liberal governments implement policies that help financially-challenged people. But they make mistakes and are perceived as wasteful with the public dollar.  Conservatives believe that saving money and paying off the deficit is more important than public service.  They tend to be petty and mean-spirited, in my view.

Now the great province of Ontario has a Progressive Conservative government who do nothing for progress.  Doug Ford is the leader who has bumper-sticker talking points in lieu of well-considered policies. He was bested by John Tory in the election for mayor of Toronto. Now Ford is Premier so he can take revenge on Toronto.

Ford was loudly booed at a recent Special Olympics event.  He is changing Ontario License Plates from "yours to discover" to "a place to grow".  However, funding is being cut in many places.. education, autism support, day care, libraries, health care, tree planting, and so on.  These are some of the many services needed for families to thrive.  Doug Fords Ontario is only for the rich to grow.

Well, grumpy cat has died.  There was too much to be grumpy about.