Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Pfizer Jab Against Covid-19


Got the Pfizer jab for covid19 yesterday. The clinic was in a sports complex and was very well organised. It took 10 minutes to walk through the various check points, get the jab, and then linger for fifteen minutes in case of shock. I was pleasantly surprised given that there has been much grumbling and frustration concerning the vaccine rollout.  This whole week was fully booked as soon as the online portal opened last week but I was lucky to see a few slots open when I made a random check this week.  However, only two percent of Ontario people have been vaccinated and another lockdown is looming.

Canada was once a world leader in developing vaccines or solutions for Polio and Diabetes. But various governments decided to sell the excellent research facilities. They also got sloppy with the maintenance of PPE for health care workers. Now the Canadian government is finally woke to the fact that we can't rely on other countries for health care materials.  Vaccine labs will open up next year. Better late than never.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Kindle PaperWhite For Reading Comfort


Amazon provides two devices for reading ebooks.  First there is the Fire or other tablet with the Kindle App.  It's pretty good but the display is inferior to the Kindle Paperwhite which has a reflective screen with no glare. It does have a light with five LEDs but they do not shine in your eyes.  They are at the bottom of the screen near the 'kindle' label and they shine across the screen.  They are not noticeable.

The displays of phones and computers have thousands of red-green-blue LEDs. All these LEDs are emitting to produce white which is the default color for web pages.  The blue component is not good for your eyes.

The blue in sunlight provides some healthy stimulation during the day but humans did not evolve to live in constant blue light.  So we should minimise exposure to device screens after sundown so that relaxation and a good night's sleep will follow.

The Kindle does emit some blue light but it is much less intensive than the blue level from phones and tablets.

About Blue Light