Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Ketchup Wars

Vintage Heinz ketchup was so thick is was difficult to pour from the tall glass bottle. After tipping and shaking, I used a butter knife to get some. It seems the current recipe is much thinner so it can be squeezed from the upside down plastic bottle. There is a wide plastic cap with a small opening such that it resists squeezing until a big blob spurts out at once. Some shaking is necessary so that the sauce settles into the cap before squeezing. I tried some recently and threw it in the garbage because it was sour. Perhaps it needed more shaking to disperse the vinegar.

Heinz had a plant in Leamington until a few years ago. They moved production to Ohio. Now there is a 10 percent tariff to import back into Canada.

French's ketchup was a poor seller until Heinz moved. Now French's has a plant in Toronto so their product is marked as made in Canda with Canadian tomatoes. By Canadians, I assume.

I like the French's ketchup. Their web site has some funky recipes. For example, Meatloaf Bombs

By the way, French's is U.S. owned by McCormick, a spice company.