Cat Photos

Zorro, Bix, Brownie, and Buffy

UFOs appear on sunny winter afternoons. Zorro wonders "what are those yellow things".

Zorro likes to play with these soft, bouncy balls.  He dances around, catches it, and carries it in his mouth.

Zorro: I was here first.
Zorro relaxes in his new home.

Bix, the official water taster. He has gained two pounds.

Bix the Cat arrived 2019-Oct-01

Bix is looking at you.

Bix guards the computer.

Brownie under the bed waits to attack innocent passerby.

Brownie liked boxes.

Brownie favourite hangout.


Buffy snoozing atop the computer.

Brownie found a warm spot over the monitor.

Buffy and Brownie in a peaceful moment.

Buffy cleans the screen with her tail.

After much scratching, a cool image emerged.