Thursday, May 05, 2022

Empire Dreams From Russia

Russia has eleven percent of the world's landmass. It is almost double the size of Canada, China, or the United States but with only half the population of the US. Yet the Putin Regime believes it is necessary to annex or obliterate the land of other countries which were once part of the old Russian empire. But we see that England, France, Spain and other countries have given up most of their colonies, if not all.  Empires are obsolete in the modern world because they cannot be managed and are doomed to collapse.

The Putin Regime allegedly poisons or kills anyone who protests.  There is no free press to call truth to power. There is only propaganda such that the common people do not believe reports from relatives outside of Russia. The Russian Army is apparently the last refuge of brutes and murderers.

I believe Russia does not need more land .. it needs more people.  There are plenty of people looking for a country to live in peace where their families can thrive.  But first Russia must shut down the war machine.  It needs to replace the vinegar of war with the honey of peace.

  • Establish a free press
  • Scrap the war machine
  • Rights and Freedoms for every citizen
Vladimir Putin is allegedly about to undergo cancer surgery, with rumors continuing to circulate about his health following Russia's invasion of Ukraine -- Newsweek