Monday, February 07, 2022

Freedom Convoy Is Free-Dumb


Protesters sometimes gather on parliament hill to express their grievances. Such events are usually peaceful and the people move on after a day or two.  But the current protest in Ottawa is a big mess because the protesters have parked their monster trucks on various city streets.  They make noise and mess which makes life miserable for Ottawa families in the neighbourhood.  The trucker-protesters are making a big mistake because they will get no sympathy from Ottawa citizens who don't deserve the stress from this unusual campaign.

There is no need in Canada to protest for freedom since all citizens have equal rights and freedoms. However, there must be limits on individual liberty such that one persons's freedom does not infringe on the freedom of others.  You can choose not to wear a mask or get vaccinated but then you must isolate yourself.  You are not free to infect other people.

This protest was organised to eliminate the mandate for border-crossing vaccination. But it has attracted all sorts of yahoos waving hate flags and pissing on public streets.  The police are not prepared to handle this sort of unusual protest.  It is not practical to tow away these monster trucks without the assistance of the driver or owner.  The heavy-duty towing companies fear backlash from the trucking companies who are their customers.