Thursday, September 09, 2021

Go Hard, Go Early


The COVID-19 pandemic has been with us for what seems like forever.  Will it ever end?  New Zealand, for example, has a "go hard, go early" strategy which works better than the "go late, go easy" practised in Ontario.  Lockdown wrestles the virus to the mat but stopping too soon lets it rise again.

A small but loud segment of the population have gone nuts about health practices. Not only are they unvaccinated, but also unmasked while gathering in mobs to protest at political events.  They even mob at hospitals or homes of people they don't like. The police have been lenient with them so far.

From a software programmer perspective,  current society seems to be caught in an endless loop of viral desperation.

  1. Virus mutates and becomes pandemic.
  2. Government imposes restrictions to limit spread
  3. Health care practices are eased too soon.
  4. "Free-dumb" mobs resist vaccines and masking.
  5. Virus mutates and spreads among the unvaccinated.
  6. Goto 2
  7. Pandemic ends eventually
  8. Wait for next pandemic, goto 2

Jacinda Ardern      Tower of Song(Cohen)