Monday, November 14, 2005

Honda Civic LX (2006)

The 2006 Honda Civic LX is much improved with increased go-power and a stiffer chassis to provide a sportier feel without taking away from the comfort you expect in a sedan. The fit and finish are excellent. Even though it is said to be a compact car, there is plenty of room for 4 people. There is no hump in the back seat to take away legroom. The LX version adds an immobolizer key to deter thieves, alloy wheels for a sporty look, and cruise control to save gas on long drives.

However, there are a few quibbles. The instrument cluster takes some getting used to. Everything except the tachometer is digital. The speedometer, fuel, and engine temperature indicators are above and behind the tachometer. The radio knobs and push buttons are identical to the air flow controls so I find myself setting the air conditioner instead of changing the radio station. The entire dash is curved instead of mostly flat like you see in many cars. The stereo controls are found by pressing a push button many times so you need to make necessary adjustments before starting your journey, not while driving.

The rationale for this design is to save on the number of parts in the car. There are no sliders or levers which would require intricate assembly. Even the gas pedal is "drive by wire". This makes it less costly to add cruise control.

Motor Trend magazine says it will be hard for competitors to match the Honda Civic. I agree.