A Star Is Born

 In which a Xmas star is created using Red-Green-Blue Light Emitting Diodes.

I installed the star in my bedroom window. It looks fantastic from across the street but all I got was this spooky photo.  It was too bright for the mostly dark scene.

The 50 RGB LEDS are mounted on a 20x30 foam bulletin board. It is easy to drill holes for them.

This shows back of the assembly.  The LEDs share a three wire cable which provides 5vdc, 3 amperes. There is one signal wire to the Arduino controller which can select one LED and set it to any color. I use the sequence red-green-blue-white which repeats until all 50 LEDs are working.  This happens so fast that the one-at-time selection is not visible.

The star is in my bedroom window since I don't have a balcony to decorate. I choose not to have a balcony because the door usually hampers living room furniture arrangement.