TV Cabinet Replacement

This cabinet dominated the living room no matter where it was placed. It had a 32 inch TV, CD player, Roger's WiFi and cable TV decoder, computer with music streams, a stereo amplifier and shelves for CD.

Unfortunately, it weighed a ton and did not have a cable management structure.  A cable could only be changed after the monster was moved and the cables sorted.

So it was necessary to scap this wood pile and bring in a modern replacement.

I don't believe in a home theatre setup because the integration of visual media with hifi audio compromises both.  The sound of TV channels or movie media is not hifi has too much distortion. So I have separate stands for the music system and the TV.  I use one or the other, not both at the same time.  So the music system is in the corner where it can be heard from anywhere and the TV faces the sofa.